ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo

Caution !!! Easily Offended.

‘The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity; but a wounded spirit who can bear? Proverbs 18:14
Have you been around people who just made you uncomfortable and you couldn’t put your finger on the exact reason why they provoked such feelings in you? People usually carry either a postive atmosphere and aura around them or a negative one. A negative aura around a person permeates whatever the person does, his or her relationships, even their verbal and body language.Even happy occasions turn to stressful and anxious ones with everybody walking on egg shells so as not to provoke more negativity from the person.
We all go through difficult times sometimes. Life can be unfair sometimes but unless we turn our internal dial towards a postive energy, all we give out around us is negavity which is depressing and damaging. Your spirit is your internal dial. You have to learn to keep tuning it to a positive frequency no matter the external circumstances around you otherwise no one can bear to be around you because your wounded spirit makes the very atmosphere poisonous.
Our spirit gets wounded and unhealed when we do not learn to let go and forgive. When we try to be the judge, jury and lawgiver of our lives and of those around us, apportioning blame even on things we do not fully understand.
When we are offended it simply means that within the limited scope of our personal reference points we have concluded that someone has failed us in some way.
What if our internal or personal reference points are limited and incapable of accessing the bigger picture?
There are always reasons, forces and above all an orchestrator of human destinies behind the actions of people and circumstances around us. No one can access all the contributing factors and reference points pertaining to a situation or a circumstance all at once (at any one time0. We are very dependent on our individual experiences which are very limited and are personal and internal and hardwired within us. 
So don’t waste your energy being offended especially not at God, it is an exercise in futility. You will end up developing a wounded spirit. Instead try to look beyond the obvious and catch a glimpse of the bigger picture and see how best you can plug into the positive side of things. Forgive people, help them to jump their hurdles of fustration and see God begin to divinely move you forward.
Even God likes to be around positive people. You and I may call it ‘FAITH’, the thing that keeps us hoping for the best and seeing the best in people and in the world around us no matter how much our senses and faculties tell us otherwise.
‘For the wrath (vengeance, anger, offended spirit) of man worketh not the righteousness (right placement, divine allignment, favour,right standing, grace) of God. James 1:20’.
Please FORGIVE !!!!!

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