Strength In The Battle

Strength before the battle can only be estimated. Often this estimation can be wrong. Strength is not in armies, education, fame, or even favour. All it takes is one strategy that is foreign to you to disarm you. Your true strength is only known once you are in the battle. It is in adversity that your strength can be measured. If it fails then it was small and is a sign that you need to reassess your sources of supply and inspiration. Humans tend to underestimate what they can cope with and if given the chance they will not even attempt the battle. But when the battle is on you without a chance to choose, you draw on strength you did not even know you had. Don’t say, you can’t. Don’t say you are weak. Encourage yourself and go forward. You will be surprised at the stores and reserves of strength and fortitude you did not even realise you had. Your strength is not measured by the size of the battle before you. It is measured by what supplies you have in your reserves and you will never know until you engage in the battle.


4 thoughts on “Strength In The Battle”

  1. Inspiration…. Strength is measure by how easily you make being tested look. Its getting to the point were we enjoy life’s challenge because we’re educated enough to know they are apart of life. Weakness stem for the mentality you expressed, but also when people believe the challenges in life are over at any point while we breathe. Keep sharing your thoughts.


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