I Am Significant Even Without You

The significance attributed to a thing or a person is subjective. You might find something valuable and beautiful which I may not.
You cannot bribe your way to significance in someone’s life by virtue of the things you do for them. There are people who will reject you or leave you no matter the investment you have made in their lives. It is not about you. It is about them and their assessment of your significance.
So don’t belittle yourself when you are rejected or set aside. Continue to hold your self in high esteem. That rejection is simply a demonstration of the significance that person places on you and not a measure of your worth. Their rejection of you is subjective to them.
You will find that even without changing anything about yourself, there is someone else who considers you significant.
So friend, be yourself. Know your worth. Don’t let your needs make you needy to the point of buying your way to significance in someone else’s life. If you catch yourself saying, ‘ how could they do that to me after all I have done for them?’ then you probably were buying your way into significance in someone’s life.
If so, you may not be able to maintain that significance and you are in a queue towards rejection and disappointment.

8 thoughts on “I Am Significant Even Without You”

  1. Thanks for this inspirational piece. It really did lift me up. Some of us have lived all our lives waiting for people to tell us how good, wonderful or beautiful we are, the reason for all the mistakes and bad choices we made in life. But thank God for second chances.


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