I Am No Island.

True morality cannot be defined in the absence of community and relationship. You cannot be moral all by yourself if your definition of self is limited to you. Beyond this, definition of self must extend to someone somewhat different or higher than us, a source of inspiration to be better than we are. Without this, our very definition of self and of morality becomes immoral and vain.

I am no Island

Don’t even want to be

I’m not one to pretend

That I am holier than thou

Left to my own devices

I will break every rule

Much more so,

If I have no regard or love

For the rule maker

So though I know who I am

I am also aware

Oh so very aware

Of the limits of me

I need a higher order

One somewhat different from me

I need to commune

To relate and discover

That the definition of me

Must extend beyond me


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