Been Away

I have been away for close to three weeks for my mother’s funeral. She has now been laid to rest.

I am so humbled by the continuous visits to my blog even when there have been no new posts. Thank you to everyone. My facebook, twitter and other network friends have also been amazing with their continuous patronage of my writings. Thanks.

It will probably take me another week to get back into the full swing of things but I will just like to say that I am happy to be back and looking forward to posting some new and exciting write ups (I am waiting for the inspiration to hit me soon…) and also looking forward to visiting your blogs and pages.

Also, I was nominated for the Sunshine Award just at the end of May 2012 by Subhan Zein but had to travel before I could accept it. I look forward to doing that now, if it is not too late. Thanks Subhan.

Great to be back! Missed you all !

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