Sunshine Award

Thank you Subhan Zein for nominating me for this award. I am truly honoured especially as it is coming from a genuinely sincere writer as yourself. Subhan blogs at You will find very expressive writings with access to the general events occurring with Subhan and his students too – very interesting. It is a shame I can’t re- nominate Subhan for this award.

I have a number of blogs I like, many of whom I haven’t visited recently as I have been away but I trust that they are still as amazing as they were a few weeks ago. So my nominations for this award are;

Plantain periodicals who blogs at  – for young but eloquent and smart writings ( I am not certain but you may have had this award already).  – again for a young writer who is not afraid to sow his wild oats here and as his name suggests, he is honest with his writings and is a great encourager too.  – for undiluted poetic Christian sentiments.  – Gman’s galaxy; for taking me straight into another world so unlike mine and putting childlike sunshine into my smiles. – one blogger that consistently demonstrates selflessness and a love of community, spreading her special brand of sunshine with her along her way. Also a really good writer, one to learn a lot from.

Again, thanks to  for nominating me for this award.

5 thoughts on “Sunshine Award”

    1. It is an award that is passed on in the blogging community in recognition of inspiring and refreshing writing. It is one of many other awards. So congratulations! If you accept, you simply copy and paste the award icon onto your blog, stating who nominated you. You can also nominate not more than seven other bloggers whose work you find inspiring and refreshing. Those you feel spread some ‘sunshine’ in the blogging community. You will have to let them know that you have nominated them.
      I guess this is the way to highlight great blogs so others can enjoy them too. For an example, check out my write up on my blog under the category ‘Awards and I’
      Congratulations !!!


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