I Need My Mind

What do you do with your mind? How do you use it? The mind is a processing unit that does not stop working. If misused and unserviced it simply malfunctions and its output becomes unreliable ( mad).

Like it or not, your mind will not be idle, it will produce the building blocks for your actions, drive and direction in life. It can send you on a wild goose chase where you build castles in the air and never reap a tangible authentic yield from your efforts or it can leave you fearful, lethargic and unproductive.

It is important we understand how our minds work, what we can do to influence its directions and its output, how we can channel them towards the greatest productivity and synergy in our endeavours and lead a life of proven results and not of vain, unfounded, pompous imaginations /constructs of our own greatness or fearful, timid, ‘one step forward, two steps backwards’ confusion.Take hold of your thoughtlife, be real, think well, service your mental processor, live optimally.


State your views......please.

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