Afraid To Succeed?

Deep down in the recesses of my mind

I have a full proof plan

My confidence is sure

My energy is adequate

I can see the results

Of all my endeavours

How it will all pan out

Is no longer a mystery

But in the glare of daylight

My doubts begin to surface

Those niggling unfounded theories

Based on other’s experiences

My heart tells me ‘escape’

Do not try to be like them

They also thought they had a plan

Now look how their lives turned out.

So when the clock strikes nine

And it’s time to take a risk

I slink back in fear

And take a minute too long to re-evaluate

My already well thought out plan

I reorganise my full proof scheme

I recheck my resources

Though not enough, they fit the task

Soon opportunity can no longer wait

And I am right back where I started from

Afraid to make the first move

What a wreck this whole process is

I know for a fact that ‘I can succeed’

But facts don’t matter without action

Still too afraid to start.

My source and reserves are sure

Got to get rid of fear

And dive right in

Into the big blue sea

There are giant fishes ready to be caught

By great ones like me for sure

That’s the spirit, come on lets do this




9 thoughts on “Afraid To Succeed?”

      1. unfortunately sometimes that’s what it takes to get free…i’ve done it here and there and boy does it feel good after….there are still lots of areas where i am still scared!


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