Limitation Zone (Unofficial Protest)

I am so ready to jump

Just need to know how high

Life is not too hard to handle

I know I can crack the code

When I’m right in front of the bar

And ready to take off

I hear a voice that says

Not just yet, it’s not your time

Limitations seem to have a zone

Right next to my runway

When my momentum is high

Here they come forcing me to stop

They seem to have a link

Attached to my flapping wings

PullIing me down when I try to rise

Limitation Zone is filled

With unreliable helpers

They never can be found

When they are most needed

Meeting others needs,

Never finding time for my own

Seem to be the norm

In limitations zone

No matter how much is given

Its never quite enough

To free my flapping wings

To allow them to rise up high

These constant breaks  in flight

Fustrate my strong desire

To recover momentum, my friend

Is no mean feat each time

So when I hear that resolute voice

Saying ‘Not now, not yet, hold off for now’

‘Those saved up resources

Are needed elsewhere’.

I know I am right back there again

Right there in limitation zone

So although I have worked

And toiled so hard

And gathered momentum

For my destined takeoff

I have to halt right in my tracks

And listen as they vent their needs

And ransack my hard earned store

My store of strength, motivation and drive

Soon those barriers will come crashing down

My destiny allowed to speak

According to the maker’s will

My times and seasons are right on cue

I will soon be up high in the sky

Where I know I’m meant to be


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