ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo

World Systems crying out for help !!

It is amazing how the main building blocks of society have been ravaged by bad leadership so much so that the average individual has become wary and on guard against the tendency of those in leadership to do evil and to betray the ideals of the very things they stand for.

Living in London and listening to the news often brings it home.

Just taking a few issues for example:

The church (mainly the catholic church) for example has come under fire for harbouring paedophiles, abusers of children  and not seeming to be showing enough revolt and disgust at the years of hidden abuse that have been uncovered. It is now common knowledge that putting the term ‘christian’ on an adoption form is likely to be enough grounds to not be allowed to adopt a child as what we profess as christians is not congruent with what is evident to the average man on the street. The church as a system is highly mistrusted and thereby is an impediment stopping many who consider themselves to be discerning. It stops some from turning to the God the churches preach. Unfortunately when you mention the word ‘Church’ to a non church goer, there is a tendency that the organisation or system they are thinking about is not the one you are trying to portray. People have become disillusioned with the church due to various expressions and doings of bad leadership.

Political systems are not working either. We have over the years gone through all the ‘isms’ trying to find a political system that will meet the needs of the people. Democracy, power in the hands of the majority is increasingly becoming questionable and people generally have a high level of mistrust for political leaders which is evidenced by the lack of enthusiasm when it comes to ordinary people turning out to vote. The moral decay, the trend towards secularism, the selfish ambition of many, the blind quest for personal power and control are all off putting to many.

Financial institutions used to be sacrosant but not anymore. Gone are the days when you could trust your bank manager to give you good, solid, free financial advice. Now the drive is to fleece you of the little you have through dodgy financial packages, manipulation of interest rates, high illogical unfair penalties for defaults and many more of the same kind. Bob Diamond of Barclays has now resigned. But we have had such resignations in the past. The poor taxpayer’s money is used to bail out these selfish, overly ambitious financial institutions and still the whole world is reeling in a financial crisis due to bad selfish leadership.

And what about the media. They are everywhere, everyday, trying to tell us what to think, what to feel, what is happening, what is going to happen next and have thereby snared the world into constantly seeking feverishly for more news, particularly  gossip and news about celebrities thereby fostering a culture of hero worship for all the wrong reasons. It is difficult to find anything wholesome in the news nowadays. At the touch of a button, lives are being ravaged and ransacked by selfish, rich, media moguls, hacking suffering people’s phones, and whatever else can be found in the name of news. Listening to the debates and questions and answers from the Levenson Enquiry in London, one is struck by the overwhelming feeling of loss of control over even the simple things because of the excessive level of control and manipulation that is weilded by the Media. Freedom of the press seems to be a two sided coin.

There is a feeling that the world’s systems, including, the church (as known to the world), Politicians and Governments, Finacial Systems, the Media all together are like a run away horse drawn carriage, where the riders have lost control and the horses are racing at top speed towards destruction and the ordianry man is standing by watching, almost helpless to stop what is happening.

Infact most try to find a way of jumping in so they can get their own share of the booty. Look at the rate at which the ordianry person is glued and drawn to all these ‘get famous quick’ and ‘get rich quick’ reality shows that can make you a celebrity overnight.

The very fabric of society is breaking down. Families, because of the breakdown of the infrastructure that is supposed to be the scaffolding that holds them in place are breaking down too. They are unable to endure the stressors and pressures of modern day living. Children, modern day children are increasingly finding themselves in broken homes full of domestic violence, drug abuse, sexual promiscuity and with  no stable leadership, no structure.

My question to you, whoever you are, especially to Christians is;- what is your response to these issues? Where do we go from here? What about the children and the future generations?

Some in the world are calling for a New World Order based on one overiding idea that unifies all men. That to me sounds like a bigger disaster looming than what we currently have.

A new system is definitely needed. Don’t be deceived, powerful people are working on it as we speak, taking the reigns of the runaway horses (the present world systems) and consciously shifting the paradigm all from behind the scenes. It will not be as good as they will present it to be to us.

As a Christian, my advice is that we seek God seriously. His help is the one we need. His deliverance is what we need. The Kingdoms of the world need to become the Kingdom of our God. We have to pray, Lord, let your kingdom come, let your will be done on earth.

If you are not a Christian, and you do not believe in God, what is your solution to these issues? The debate and the dialogues, real ones must start.

Enough Said!!!


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