Living In A Bottle

Youthfulness is the drink of life

Young ones need no wine

Life has gifted them

With enough exuberance

Far beyond drunkenness

Youthful zest indeed

Is always magic and spice

Vitality unleashed

The world is a fast sports car

Always driven at high speed

All diplomacy ignored

Energy in motion

The Zumba dancer’s rhythm

The runner’s sprint

The effervescence

Of champagne uncorked

It is a beautiful thing to watch

This frivolous  fearlessness

These waves that can climb so high

But when I took a closer look

My heart despaired at what I saw

Youth, young ones so very lost

No zest no vitality

Hanging about street corners

Clutching the bottle

Lost so lost

Deep down in a bottle

Drinking life away

Washing purity with grime

Holding on to the bottle

As if for comfort and refuge

Holding on for dear life

Youthful Life sold so cheaply

What drives one so young and fresh

To hide away so low in a bottle

Drinking, drinking, more drinking till dawn

Mixing wines and pills and more

What pain so deep is chasing ones so young

To give their lives so free to the bottle

We mourn the day

When youth got lost

So lost, so deep inside the bottle

Old men gazed in shock and horror

And shook their heads with sadness

At such a waste of life’s pure zest

By ones so young, progenitors of the future

Drained and hooked so hooked on the bottle

But still right there in their hands

They clutch the bottle so tightly,

Holding on to this feeling of being zoned out

They won’t let go of the bottle

Because it holds their shattered dreams.

Until they’ve drunk all youthful zest away


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