I RISE ! – Poem by Selasie Bulmuo

I dream this dream each night

I’m soaring like an eagle

The high places are before me

My wings are firm and strong

My gaze fixed on the prize

The mountain peaks beckon

My warrior heart responds

I rise, I rise, I rise. stunned

The valleys, plains and lowlands

Are all below me now

The ferocious wind and storm

Which at first refused to yield

And set my heart aquaking

Has become my anchor true

Still upward bound I go

I rise, I rise, I rise stunned

Just a few heartbeats ago

My scared little heart was faint

With dread of what’s to come

I knew not if I rise or fall

I flapped my wings in jest

To test its strength to bear

I had a choice to make

To rise, to rise, to rise stunned

If the little sparrow can

My eagle wings will try

To brave the heavy storm

To fly against its vein

An eagle I am, a sparrow not

My feet were made for mountain peaks

Higher grounds call out to me

To rise, to rise, to rise.stunned

So upwards bound I soar

With every breath I draw

I spread my wings and rise

The wind, My chariot, My destiny

Carrying me on its arms

An enemy, now my anchor

On which I scale my dizzying heights

And I rise, I rise, I rise

 Come soar with me.


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