Hold On

It may seem like a lot to ask

When all your strength has sipped away

When disillusionment stands it ground

Refusing to yield to the change you want.

When nothing is all you seem to get

As a reward for all you’ve done

Please find that place deep within

And hold on, please just  hold on still


You rack your mind all day and night

For a vestige, just a bit  of hope

A small glimmer of sunshine will do

A wee little smile to mask the pain

When the tears you can’t restrain

Fall amidst your folorn domain

It’s so much easier to just give up

To simply walk away this time.


Hold on dear one, please hold on

When the sun won’t shine at all

Hold on, please just find a way

When your heart is locking down

Hold on, please look inside again

When all desire seems to be gone

There’s always a sweetness in the rock

A peculiar softness in the hardest place

Music chimes  within  the chaos

There’s a calm within this very storm

An all illusive gem beneath the grime


It is the irony of life, my friend

The darkest hour ever seen

Is just before sweet dawn breaks through

Right in the core of this disaster

A miracle awaits the one

Who inspite of all the odds

Will choose to hold on still

And if the ground beneath you gives

And there is nothing to hold on to

Still hold on, oh please, please do

Find the Anchor, true and main

That will never shift or move

And hold on my dear, Just hold on

A new day is fast approaching

It is not time to quit just yet

So please my hero, just hold on


20 thoughts on “Hold On”

  1. Even though things have been wonky lately, I catch your posts, Selasie. I haven’t been able to reply to many (or any), but you still touch my heart and soul. I love your works and I miss talking to you. I really hope to be back to normal soon! Love and hugs to you and the family!


    1. I really miss you Liz. I have found posting regularly difficult too but I am glad to be hearing from you. Looking forward to seeing more of you soon. Lots of hugs and good vibes all coming your way now… from me. See you around… and by the way, you ‘still touch my heart and soul’…too and not only mine but a whole group of others who are on here as well. See you.


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