In The Cleft Of The Rock

I need to find that place

Where I feel secure

Where no storm can hit

And peace remains intact

Amidst the to and fro

We search for such a place

Everywhere we can

We often think we’ve found it

In people who need it more

More than we ever did

We scrabble and we fight

We make demands extreme

Of mere men who can’t cope

With all the needs we have

We chain and imprison love

It withers and it wilts

Because its desire is too intense

The heart so tasked and weary

Demands to run and hide

The search begins again

Eyes locked on a victim new

Soon held in contempt for crimes

Crimes not yet even attempted

Because the new seems to alway bear

The charges against the old

We hurt each other so

If only we will accept

That which we seek is not

Within a mortal mere

So now I turn my eyes

I look for it elsewhere

I found a rock secure

I hide within its cleft

There it is I’m fed

In peace and security

My deep need opened bare

And met with love and care

So please beware, don’t vote

To be my all in all

You simply can’t compete

With the one that satisfies

Within the cleft of the rock.


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