As The Years Go By – poem by Selasie Bulmuo

As the years go by

Our memories go wry

The child’s carefree play

No longer sees the light of day

Chasing after long held dreams

We waste no time going to extremes

As the years go by

Life plays tricks so sly

Without Knowing how it happened

We realise we have ripened

Thoughts and priorities change

The simple thrills of the past seem so strange

Friends, Laughter, Play, Fun

Who needs them when time is on the run

Acheivements! Achievements!

Become the hearts daily torment

As the years go by

One can’t help but sigh

We stop and start remembering

How our simple lifes were worth the living

When it was free of self made pressures.

Then memories past like long lost treasures

Reminds us that after all our struggle

Life continues to be a puzzle

But if we change our attitude

Life takes on a new magnitude

And with Everything in its rightful place

Life becomes a satisfying race.

Author – Selasie Joan

Memories of years gone by.



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