I Can Make It

I see a winding river

It’s streams not still at all

I stand and look awhile

Wishing it didn’t exist

Longing for still waters

Still waters run deep

I guess that’s a worry

But I’d rather cross still waters

Than brave this harsh flow I see


I know I must make it

I have come this far already

Lugging my luggage with me

Through wilderness and caves

To turn around and quit

I just cannot envisage


I close my eyes and dream

Dream all my troubles away

But when my iris catches the light

Through its peeping hole

There it was before me

Unyielding, this river I see


A song plays in mind

‘Wade in the water, brother’

But these waters are way too troubled.

I know I cannot swim

I never learnt the skill

Somehow I must get over

Over to the other side

It must be a peaceful shore for sure

I certainly must make it there


‘No going back now, you hear’

I remind my thumping heart

No matter what dreads I face

There must be a way to go

No going back now, not now.


Even if no peaceful shores awaits

Even if many more rivers we must cross

Beat steady, my thumping heart

There is a promise on the other side

I know I can make it there

And while I must wait awhile

Till wisdom shows me a way

I’ll wait in readiness of mind


Not retreating, forward only

Over this Jordan that I see

My journey I will surely complete

I know I can make it through.


2 thoughts on “I Can Make It”

  1. Praise God! The storms of life do get rough,and at times it seems more than we can bear.But thank God for His Holy Word that gives us peace,joy and understanding. Just knowing that with Jesus we we make it safely to the other side Amen.
    Love you 😀 and thanks for your visit 😀


  2. Hello Pat,
    Almost missed this comment. Yes with Jesus we certainly can make it through. Here is always a way even when there seems to be none. Love you too and thanks for the lovely comment and visit. Come again soon.


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