Too Proud To Beg?

I can see you trying

Doing it tough all the way.

Going through the motions

Just one of many in the daily drudge

Your trail is lacking real passion

The kind that sets true winners apart

You question why you’re so fed up

Tired of feeling like a mouse in the rat race

But plod on you must

It is the only way you know


So commendable, such commitment

You’re determined to go all the way

Until your strength is all gone

There could be another way, you know.

It’s not too late to find that way

Some things are easier done

When we humbly ask for help


So  please just drop the act

It’s really not worth your while at all

There are tell tale signs

The pressure is getting to you

Your life is worth much more

Than simply living to impress


Take a moment or two to simply be

Maybe a fresh start will appeal to you

New directions can open up too

Just humble yourself

And seek some help

Your happiness can be secured

When you just accept you need some help

You will still be you

Nothing lost except some pride

But only if you’re not too proud to beg


Find some giants who have done so

Learn from them, they’ve paid their dues

And proved their worth, making giant strides

Climb up their shoulders and find your way

Accept their help and start from scratch

Move on steadily up in your true calling


Otherwise you’ll still be plodding on

With no reprieves, no breakthroughs

A team of one is real hardwork

So why be mediocre, when gifted ones abound

You will soon find that you’re one of them

No more rat race, if you’ll just defect

Join the humble crew, it takes courage too

I am definitely not too proud to beg

I wonder if you just still might be


2 thoughts on “Too Proud To Beg?”

  1. Words that definately ring true! When it is all said and done, who was the rat race run for? If you are not able to take the time to share with the people who are near and dear because you are bagged from the day/week/month/year, then why kill yourself? Ask for the help. Knowing your background Selasie, tells me that the guidance from the Lord is where you should start. For those who are not in that place, you need to find the mentor/guide/sounding board that will help you through this before you meet an early grave. Remeber that stress kills.
    Thank you Selasie for the reminder to me as well.


    1. Hello Liz,
      How are you? Yes I agree with you. No need to kill ourselves when we can ask for help. Finding the humility to ask for help, now that is the challenge. We will rather get hopelessly lost than stop to ask for directions. I am learning everday that my way may not always be the best way. Sometimes i just need to accept that and simply ask for help. Thank you for the lovely and indepth comment. I love it. I am definitely working on getting more guidance from the Lord. Thank you Liz.


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