Pastures Green – Here I come

I am moving on

Seeking greener pastures

Way over there on the other side

Of this great fence of doubt

I have built so high so so long

Though I can’t see around it yet

Though it stands in my way

I can surmise that the grass indeed

Must be greener on the other side

But I will never know

Until I venture out into the great big world


So hemmed in, locked up

My protectionism a prison

Security can be too secure

If it stops you venturing out

If there are dangers lurking

Outside my great big walls

There must be good reasons why

They lay in wait for me

Perhaps they know

My formidable potential

Or else my fear makes me fair game


There must pastures green

Right there in their hangout

Where the wolves and lions play

While waiting for prey like me

But fearless ones will brave all danger

Real or feigned, they’ll show their faces

They’ll venture out to escape the hunger

The lack within their self made domes


So I hide no more

It is a new day today

The good shepherd is with me

This fenced wall must give way

I will follow his lead

I am coming out

To find pastures green

Ready and waiting

Greenest of greens where I can lie

Enfolded within lushest green

Right there beside the still waters

Where I will be filled

To my hearts content.


I will simply follow his knowing lead

No more fear to dare to venture

Outside my self made prison

My mind released in candour

All imaginary foes will flounder

Lions and wolves can’t scavenge

Because their prey, I will never be


And as I walk through the valley

Of the shadow of death

No evil feigned or real can exact

I am headed for greener pastures

My sherperd and I, arm in arm.


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