Command The Morning



So you think it has no voice

The Morning I mean

It speaks to me

It  tries to tell me what to do

No need for words

Compliance is sure

It only succeeds if I refuse

To speak up first before it does

Taking my rightful stand

To command the morning

To set it’s agenda by myself

I tell you what

It has an ear too

To listen to my changing mood

It can cooperate but will take control

If my mood has no oomph to it

The morning dictates

It says relax, there’s plenty of time

You have many more hours to go

No need to rush out of your warm bed

Snooze just a bit, just a bit longer 

You deserve your rest, so what’s the hurry.


Before I know it

Time has galloped far

Its servant the clock

Furiously ticking away

I jump up suddenly

Out of my reverie

The rest is history

The day is filled

With rushing here, there and everywhere


So I have learnt my lesson

And it’s a simple one

Time and tide waits for no one

It’s a game of negotiation

I need some leverage

To make tomorrow’s morning comply

If I am to be the one commanding it

Then, its agenda I need to set

The troubles of today

All have to be put to sleep

Tomorrow is a new day

It deserves a fresh approach

I need to be ready

Before it comes around

So starting tonight

I’m  mapping and reflecting

Finding my voice

tonight, yes tonight

So I am not beguiled come the morning light

To play by rules not really mine


At the crack of dawn

My day will hear my voice

Resounding loud and clear

With a bounce in my steps

Motivated and alert

As I tell it my plans

I’ll no longer wait for it to decide

I command the morning

I enlist support

Of heaven and earth

As I lead the way

And bask in knowing

That I led it well to a fruitful day


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