Exceeding Your Personal Best – An Olympic Lesson.

Isn’t it strange how when it comes to crunch time, you can only compete against yourself?Irrespective of how many others are in the same competition and irrespective of how good they are, you can only compete against your ‘personal best‘.

This is your previous best achievement. The one you were able to do in private, outside of the competition, your own personal record which is evidence of your dedicated day in day out practice, your hard work, your CV, your personal record of achievement.

It is unlikely that when it comes to the main fight of your life, the crunch time, that you will do much better than your personal best. So take the time everyday to work on your talents and skills. Hone them to perfection so that you can stand as champion both in your own right and against any competitor.

There’s no magic wand to make you suddenly exceed your personal best in the absence of preparation, hardwork, commitment to regular practice and confidence that on the day it matters, you will be fit to deliver time and time again.

Are you working on improving your personal best? Forget about everyone else, start from where you now. Compete against your personal best, daily if possible.,


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