Inspiration Ground Zero –

I like to think its all just mine

To pick or drop at will these lively words

They fall, a cascading rain like heaven’s dew

Onto the palate of my fertile mind.

And bring to life a blooming field

I choose a beautiful array of colourful words

Coloured flowers springing up just for you

On the fertile field, now blooming bright

They are mine to pick and put together

And present you with a bouquet you can’t resist

Have I told you lately

That you’re the reason they’re there

This vast field of colourful sprigs

Will not spring up if not for your pleasure

Its raison d’être is to see you smile

To wipe away the threatening tear

You are my muse,

The thought that guides

The words I choose

Or choose to drop

You inspire my inspiration

To aspire to dispel the gloom

And that frown upon your face

To banish it as quick as light

You are the shadow behind the words

Just look closely and you will see you

So these words are yours

And yours alone

All wrapped and prettied

For your pleasure

Breathe in deeply the exotic scents

Of this colourful bouquet of timely words

If you don’t my fields will cease to bloom

I will be standing here alone

No muse to whisper which words ring true

Without you inspiration inspires me not

So here I stand alone

On inspiration ground zero

This poem is dedicated to all who visit and follow my blog especially those who leave comments and allow me to see through them what the next chapter of my poems should be. You make it real. You make it happen. So thanks.

In other words, if you see less posts here it means you are not visiting enough or leaving enough comments. So come on. Please leave a comment. Don’t want to be standing on ‘INSPIRATION GROUND ZERO’.


4 thoughts on “Inspiration Ground Zero –”

    1. Thank you Sharmishtha. You deserve this special thank you for visiting my blog , for liking my posts especially this one and most importantly for leaving such a great comment, So thank you.


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