Poetically Correct !

I had a dream last night

All poets were gathered

Not a contest just a meeting

To decide and limit jurisdiction

No more writing what you like

No more missed punctuations

Or grammar that makes no sense

No sense? To whom? I asked

I write for me! I like me grammar!

Well, ‘Poet’ is now a legal term

Can’t use it without prior deference

There’s too many people

Who demean our craft

And now we must insist

‘WE’ insist on poetic correctness

No more silly love poems

Making readers want to puke

No more humour that’s unfunny

Forcing its way for poetic space

No more pretending to be smart

Using ubiquitous meaningless words

Striking fear in the hearts of amateurs

Plucking ‘do lala’ sentences out of thin air

Philosophical nonsense to impress

Clanking sounds which just don’t rhyme

Causing headaches we cannot shift

If you must write, we must insist

Be poetically correct all of the time

So one by one we all marched out

Saddened faces one and all

If we can’t write just what we want

Then we are doomed

To sit and stare

As our muses take a hike

They have no time to sit and wait

On mortals with too many rules

Poetic correctness, drains us no end

I turned around to see who’s left

Who it is that deemed themselves

Capable of being so poetically correct

There was no one, No not one

So here I am with the singular honour

To announce on behalf of all who write

Poetical correctness just died unseen

No need to starve your poetic muse

Join me and cast your vote right now

For poetic incorrectness

Long may it reign


6 thoughts on “Poetically Correct !”

  1. Hi,
    I like that you said, “your voice is yours.” That means I can write what I feel and believe. Maybe, just maybe, the poetical correctness that is demanded by some is only the lack of creativity and the inability to find their own voice. You said it, the voice is yours, but if I don’t hear the voice, I cannot breathe it out. When that happens, we start looking for rules to limit those who have found their way.
    I see the same thing happening in fiction. Rules and formulas are being developed for writing the bestseller. I don’t doubt that some of these formulas will produce a bestseller, but is that creativity?
    Does that mean you have found your own voice? I don’t think so. For me it only means you have amputated the creative spirit within you.
    By the way, I am with you all the way. I hope poetical correctness never comes. It will be the end of the child within. I think Wordsworth said it better, The child is the father of man.
    Great poem.


  2. That was great….I am a man of creativity within structure but I do believe when you pick up the pen you have a chance to introduce yourself to the world. You can leave a scrabble or your mark. I am with you on being poetically incorrect but even that moment needs structure. So, I say lets be poetically incorrect but lets do it correctly!!!! Create a movement….


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