Get Off The Grass



Everyone is looking around

For the best green fields of life

Don’t want no hard grounds

Too much toil for the hands


Everyone has their own field

Yours may not be as green

It may not look as fresh

But still it is your field


Don’t reject your own

By actions you do not take

Do not leave it untended

While admiring other’s harvest


Don’t waste your buried seeds

When they’re still within your grounds

Although your field looks ragged

It holds your future harvest


Your breakthrough is in your field

A field yet to be tended and dressed

Your harvest will be yours to keep

If you take the time to dress your field.


Watch over it with care

Water those buried seeds

Don’t let the thorns grow wild

Don’t let the walls break in


Standing, looking longingly

At other’s well manicured lawns

Attempting to find a way in

To what is not really yours

To reap where others have sowed

Is a display of wanton foolishness


Even you must surely know

The harvest of that field

In whole belongs to its owner

And If by chance he shares

Even if she is so giving

It will never amount to your own one


So hear it loud and very clear

As I shout these words of wisdom

To jolt you back to reality

Get off that green grass now!

It looks good but it’s not yours

Your own fields are still unkempt

Go spend sometime over there


Be wise, don’t misuse your drive

Getting busy on other fields

Looking for those greener pastures

While yours still overgrows its bounds

Where thorns and nettles abound unaided

A tangled untouched messy mess

One you are afraid to start to tackle


Get off that green grass right now!

It will simply lull you to sleep

Satisfied with a meagre wage

Which for now is more than enough

It will wreck you for your future


First get your own harvest

Then you can name your price

Others will willingly pay with their time

To stand with you on your green grass

To share in your harvest  if you will

Just get of that grass, Go till your own


2 thoughts on “Get Off The Grass”

  1. Hi,
    Thank you for these very encouraging words of wisdom that you have wrapped in the body of a poem. I am tilling my own field waiting on a harvest. Sometimes it seems as if the fields of others are much better than my own, but I know it is with my own field and grass that I will find happiness. So, thanks for the encouragement. I will keep on toiling in my field until my harvest comes in.


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