Tell Your Story

There is hardly any sense to be had or made from human suffering except perhaps living through it and having enough strength to tell the story to another.

This is of value because not only is it therapeutic and healing in putting a voice to something you have been through, you become a spokesperson for others who have been through it too but may never have the chance to speak about it. You heal them even if only slightly psychologically by telling your story, their story from firsthand experience rather than hear say.

You tell it full of the minute nuances in emotions, the rawness with which the pain was experienced or felt. You make sense of it as you tell it, often gleaning at some level an acceptance of what you have been through or are still going through, thereby making some sense out of what is often seemingly senseless.

Double jeopardy therefore, if you are gagged either by the experience or by people close to you who due to the embarrassment to you and to them of telling your story, refuse you permission to tell it as it is or as it was.

What if the whole reason for going through it, is to have the opportunity to tell it?

It’s a brave new world. Speak up! You could be helping many to make their way through a very dark place.


4 thoughts on “Tell Your Story”

  1. There’s plenty of stories I would love to tell; but in the places where I’d have to be raw and vulnerable about what I’ve experienced I would end up hurting and shaming those who were involved. One person said “you know you’re healed when you can talk about something without it still hurting you” – that’s true; but sometimes I think you know you’re mature, and you’ve really forgiven people, when you don’t have to tell your story because you’re well aware if you they may suffer because of it. Speak out, tell your story, but please don’t forget maturity and wisdom.


  2. I sure will love to hear your stories. I understand that it is a two edged sword and the telling of it may even end up rehashing your hurt all over. there are some experiences that we heal from over and over again through different ways. We ourselves are the guardians of which way we choose and the reasons for which we choose them. Sometimes speaking about is happens long after you have forgiven and has nothing to do with revenge. It may ot feel or be right at the moment but it could be oneday. As long as we remain open to this then at the best time, it will be shared or never. Sometimes, it simply helps others in the same situation heal even more when others tell a story that is just like theirs even though they have chosen, quite rightly according to their own judgement not to tell it. Whatever the case may be, there are benefits to to sharing our stories although it may cause further hurt both to the teller and those involved. Sometimes someone else’s life depends on it. It is a case of using wisdom even in the way it is told just as you rightly said and not just telling it for it’s own sake.
    Thanks Kirstylou42 for this contribution. Great contribution.


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