Are you connected?

The more connected the various parts of your life are, the less you waste your energy, time and resources in duplication of tasks. One product or service you produce can generate and supply many other products. This efficiency in ‘connectedness’ creates simplicity, seamlessness and flow in one’s life. It releases you from excessive ‘business’, from being bogged down with numerous stand alone initiatives, from being sapped dry of your creative energy and drive. It focuses you on the power end of your chain of connectedness. It focuses you on the main task which then feeds and drives all the others down the chain. Your life is spent or put forth towards automatic multiplication and not exerted simply for your survival ( hand to mouth living).
When you find the symmetry line that runs through everything you do, it leads you straight to the main, the principal thing. Focus solely on that. Eliminate all the others. They are time and energy wasters. It might be uncomfortable at first, but maintain focus on the main. Turn it this way and that way, dissect it, draw out all it’s components, along the way, you will find that one thing leads to the next and to the next and to……………
Your life becomes cohesive and makes sense especially to yourself. You thrive on the synergy and efficiency created.


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