Promise Keepers, Promise Breakers

Too many promises
Too few promise keepers
Thoughts of the future
Should brighten up one’s world
Knowing tomorrow promises
To be better than today
This keeps you moving forward
No matter how deep the pain
Re – emerging, Re- branding
Both your dreams and yourself
But never ever forgetting
The faithful promises you’ve made
To another human soul
Just as desperate as yours

While you’re hoping your train comes in
And the tide finally turns in your favour
Remember, this is not just about you
Tomorrow’s promises for each one of a pair
Are jointly borne by that pair
Unless they consider each other with love
All Promises made will remain a dream
You are shackled to a forever pledge
Limiting your ability to help yourself
Unlike others, you are not free to roam
To employ smart tactics to win the day
If a true promise keeper you want to be
Then work at it without reprieve

True Promise keepers are very rare
Faithful ones who stand by you
No matter what the forecast is
Who will give you what is due to you
With humility and kind graciousness too
Being mindful your needs do count
They remember their promises so sweetly made
When hope and dreams were still so fresh
As desperate times now approach
They remain faithful no matter what
They remember their sacred vows made to you

To have and to hold
To love and to Cherish
In sickness and in Health
For better or for Worse
Till death do us part

But for most who look around them now
Broken dreams undisgused abound
Promise breakers not a few
Who said sweet words they could not keep
So to those yet to lock themselves in
Shackled for life to a promise breaker
Be careful who you partner with
Not all talkers are true keepers
Promise breakers will dash your dreams
Right at your feet with no regrets
Leaving you to pick up the pieces
And start again if only you can


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