Just A Clown To You

……….For all relationships that have gone haywire, for all in them who have lost hope, just remember you are known and valued by the one who gave you life, you matter to one who sees you not as a clown.

It’s not that I have nothing to say
Don’t think I have pitted out
There is still a lot to me
But I have spent the best years of mine
Invested solely in you
I can’t turn back the clock
It won’t stop even if I cry

I guess it’s funny from where you are standing
I guess it looks like a joke to you
This figure of a lost shell you now see
A shadow of what you once esteemed

I will be smiling too if it wasn’t so desperate
I will be patient if I had the time
I would answer all of your questions
With no fear of repercussions
And pretend I have nothing to loose

But I have no more years to waste in arguments
I am now overly invested in you
Since I don’t want it all to be in vain
I will act dump for my own sake

So I will pretend this is all there is to me
I will be your clown
The butt of your jokes
I will make you king
I will laugh at your jokes
Even if the joke is on me
If it will speed up my redemption
Then yes my King, I am your clown

So laugh with me, oh laugh at me
Let’s pretend I am unaware
It matters not, You’ll hear no retorts
I will dance to your tune
I will skip and hop
An amusement to behold
Even more so to myself

I will be your clown
The butt of your jokes
I will make you Queen
I will keep on taking
Every little crumb you throw my way
No point walking away
My best years are gone
My heart is cold
My brain I’ll numb
Yet another day
I will play the part
I’ll be your clown
Your personal clown


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