The Extra-Ordinariness Of a Woman’s Ordinary Day

She wakes up at the crack of dawn

So she can grab some thinking time

Before the cock starts to crow

Her muses gather very quickly

They have a lot of fun ideas

How to make her day delightful

She indulges them for while

And imagines the worlds they paint in her mind

But she knows from past experience

The ordinariness of the day will soon get in the way

So for now she is satisfied

To just read, pray, sing and write

It is the sweetest time of her day

Soon the lion in the Den awakes

The Den comes alive beneath his gaze

He needs attention but does not complain

If none is forthcoming as he’d like

Her usual morning shower is tonic to her body and soul

She feels renewed and ready for her day

She is superwoman with an S

Wake up kddies, she calls out to the children

The man of the house, the Lion makes his way to the door

As he kisses her goodbye

Hugging his half asleep kiddies along the way

He is off for the day to the city

The jungle where all Lions congregate

Move it!. She shouts out to the children

We have lots to do before school time

Bathing, dressing, praying, breakfast

Despite the ensuing chaos

It’s a miracle how it all pans out

‘Off we go children’.

‘Don’t forget the baby mum’ whispered big kid.

As if she ever could do a thing like that

‘Clock is ticking, we can’t be late’, she responds

‘Don’t want to get in trouble with the headteacher

Who stands at the school gate wearing a fearsome look

Waiting for parents who dare to arrive even a second too late’

So she is driving through traffic like a maniac

‘Patience is a virtue’ the big kid quips

Her own wise words thrown back at her

That’s Virtue we can’t afford this morning

Unless you’d rather be late, my dear

He quietens down and now she feels so guilty

What a bad example she is sometimes

She gives a sigh of relief when they finally arrive

And just in the nick of time as well

Fearsome headteacher was not yet at the gate

She bundles her little troop in to their classes

And heads back home with baby in toe

What a shock awaits her eyes

As she opens the door and walks in

The house is a mess from the morning chaos

The daily grind now truly begins

Cleaning, changing nappies, feeding, playing

It’s now almost well past noon

A brief oasis in time when baby naps

She reconciles with her passion for a while

Writing the day’s portion of her new book

But soon the mad dash begins again

School is soon over and the kiddies will be waiting

The rest of the day passes in a daze

Filled with a million kiddie conversations

And a revolving door of never ending tasks

Including dinner, homework and bedtime routines

Couple time is often the sacrificial lamb

By the time she is free to stroke the lion’s mane

She is too tired to even lift a finger

She falls asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow

Soon to awake to another crack of dawn.


4 thoughts on “The Extra-Ordinariness Of a Woman’s Ordinary Day”

  1. Hi,
    This is true, humorous and poignantly described the chaos that follows every woman who has a career, marriage and kids.
    Beautifully written, your imagery is powerful.


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