The Valiant’s Prayer

Undo these chains that hold me bound

Release my feet to higher grounds

Bring me to the place of larger plains

Where no devise can entangle me


You placed my restraints to help me grow

Now I am of age so hear my cry

Undo these unions that disunite

My heart, my purpose and my being


Destiny’s brew is well done now

The gold in me is shining bright

If in this furnace I must remain

Lord give me peace to bear my load


You are the fount of all that’s wise

My journey’s meanderings you know so well

And when the night is still so dark

Please keep my eye on your glorious face


4 thoughts on “The Valiant’s Prayer”

  1. Hi,
    You hit the heartstrings of my heart Lady. This is where I am. I am sitting on the sidelines waiting for the chains to be unleashed, the cage opened so that I can fly. I love that second verse, You placed restraints to help me grow, Now I am of age so hear my cry, Undo these unions that disunite, my heart, my purpose, my being.
    Oh if you only knew. This is my cry!!! Yet I know that when it happens, it will be scary and so I find myself sometimes on an emotional carousel, wanting to be that which I really am and clinging on to that which I know.
    I love you, Lady. Thank you.


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