Is Beauty Gone With The Wind?

True beauty is rare indeed

More rare than anything

Anything you can see

Anything you can feel

Anything you can touch


True beauty never fades

It is inexhaustible

It never grows old

It springs up and fills the senses


It can’t be pinned down

It’s a free spirit

Many seek after it

Often only finding its servants


It is all around us yet still strangely illusive

Many waste their share

Not realising what it is they had

No amount of money can equal it’s price

Yet many seek to buy it and end up with a fraud


It is plain for all to see

Often attributed mistaken identities

It is only really known when valued

Ironically, it is often valued too late


It’s infectious, it’s voracious

It captures the willing heart

And hides within its smouldering embers

It never dies, it simply evolves

Changing, Erupting but never ceasing


Freely flowing but never gone

Never ever gone

Not gone with the wind

LIFE my friend, is truly beautiful


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