ENOUGH SAID!!! - Articles by Selasie Bulmuo

A reflective poem re: the Connecticut shooting

Looking at the Connecticut shooting from a more generous and forgiving perspective …poetically

Source of Inspiration

happy children2

Sometimes our pain is
so great that feelings
shut down–we become
the walking dead,
oblivious to others,
focused only in the
Darkness that engulfs us.

Some try self-mutilation,
cutting away flesh
trying to recapture their
ability to feel. Others
simply choose to die at
their own hand. Some lash
out at others, killing
without thought or
mercy…coldly, methodically.

Yes, weep for their victims
and the loved ones left behind
to hold their memory. But
do not withhold your prayers
for the soul who found life
so unbearable.

What can we do to create
a world where such pain
does not exist?


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