Inspirational Snippet #5 – Encouragement & Support

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Have you ever heard an angry or bitter person expressing disappointment in another person who in his view has failed one way or another? They tend to use hurtful negative words which get engraved on the person’s memory and affects how they see themselves. Words like ‘ you are a big disappointment’ ‘you can never do anything right’ ‘even a child won’t do what you have just done’ etc. Hearing things like these over and over again shakes our Self – Believe to the core making us live on a defeatist level. On the other hand when we constantly have ‘whispers of greatness’ in our ears, we rise out of every mediocrity and fill up the shoes we were designed to walk in – of greatness, of excellence, of confidence, happiness, and taking on new challenges fearlessly. There is no hopeless or useless man or woman on earth. It is simply our perceptions about ourselves based on what we constantly hear that makes us feel like that. Practice giving yourself and others a new perspective. Give them ‘whispers of greatness’ in their ears.


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