My Rainbow Future









It’s 3am
Just can’t sleep
All night long
I’ve tossed and turned
My fate of yesterday
It’s been pretty grim
Now stressing my mind
About what tomorrow holds
Questions flitter and float about
Unanswered in the quiet night
What is it I did not do
Why am I stuck in this rut
How I envy those asleep
Who closed their eyes
And sailed away
To lands of pleasant dreams
While I stay awake
Stuck in sleepless nightmares
That simply won’t go away
Imagination’s rife
I see my future
Stretched out ahead of me
Like a blank piece of canvas
I’m an artist afraid to draw
I hear the shrill sound
The siren of an ambulance
It pierces through
The stillness of the night
Startling me out of despair
Somewhere this night
Is another soul
Fighting to stay alive
And here I am so very alive
Refusing to take a stand
I take the brush
Of my imaginary thoughts
And start to paint
The future I want
Big strokes of paint
Colours bright and large
Across my empty life
Tomorrow will be
A brand new day
Because I’ve created it so
With meticulous care
Now wide awake,
I make peace with my history
As grim as it was
I can see a new tomorrow
A reality I am willing to create
Its rainbow colours
Brightening my life
I discard my fearsome nightmares
I choose to dream
A sleepless dream
Of a fresh new start today


14 thoughts on “My Rainbow Future”

  1. Good morning,
    This poem is so beautiful and it speaks directly to my heart. I don’t know how many sleepless nights I have had where I have had to paint a colorful bright picture of my future, thinking, this too shall pass, and then I have fallen asleep.
    Waking up the next day, I would find my hope renewed.
    Great job Lady.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Selasie, were you awake all night too?? It does make you wonder some times what the lesson to be learned is, and when it is revealed, true colours enchance the skyline, pulliing you into the light of the unknown posibilities.
    Great poem Selasie.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes Liz, I was definitely awake all night, tossing and turning, so I thought to myself; ‘Selasie get up and put the time to good use….’.and out came this poem. Thanks for staying awake with me…great minds think alike…I hope ( that’s my attempt to entrench my position with you… Is it working?). xxx Selasie


    1. Hello Laurie,
      Its amazing how many of us have had this experience of being wide awake at night at least once or twice….thinking when we should be sleeping. There’s just something about the stillness of the night that forces our thoughts to go where we’d rather they shouldn’t. BTW, I love your pictures, so unmade up, so naturally real. Thanks for visiting, reading my poem and connecting with it. Selasie


  3. Very beautiful, a colorful picture. I am going to try that next time I am awake at night. I try to pray but my mind drifts…. Thank you for a beautiful poem, Selasie. Thank you Pat for sharing!


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