Inspirational Snippet #17- Ingenuity

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It is said that what doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. There is a natural human disposition towards an inner tenacity that is simply inspirational when seen on display in others. There are people who come back from the very edge of utter hopelessness. Some have suffered the greatest tragedies in life but somehow find a way to use that same total devastation and turn it into their greatest tool for achieving what is ordinarily impossible. Difficulties and challenges can be your making, taking you in directions you would never have considered otherwise. So instead giving up or trying so hard to undo whatever has happened to you or whatever challenge you are confronted with, show it, and the world that there is ‘something inside so strong’. Use your challenge. Don’t let it abuse and waste you. Do with it what only you can do. Go on! Surprise Yourself. Get ingenuis, get creative. Make some lemonade out of your lemons and serve it grand to the world. We are waiting …….


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