The Tapestry Of My Soul








Seasons come and go

Leaving imprints and impressions

On the Tapestry of my soul

Some designs simply unique

Come never to be repeated

Unfeigned unexpected occurrences

That left me asking for more

Moments that took my breath away

Memories etched forever on my soul

Some designs are mainly patterns

They keep occurring over and aver again

As if they were destined to be my lot

Never ending episodes

On the tapestry of my soul

Some colours I never chose

Some I consider dull and boring

But look how they mix so well

With those exotic once in a lifetime ones

Standing back and taking a look

At how my life has turned out

I can’t help but sigh and say

It all worked out in the end somehow

So I stay for a moment today

To admire this intricate art work

The merging of highs and lows

The uncanny coming together

Of seemingly unrelated events

That sit so well in this grand scheme

If these are the seasons my life

Then I have no choice but to embrace them all

To admire what nature’s course and handiwork

Has printed on my soul

The lessons and the rewards

The joys and the pain

The heat and the calm

The design so unique

It’s all me, it’s all mine, good or bad

I choose to accept its uniqueness

Only then does it allow me

Even if just for a split second

To reach out and with my own hands

Draw back this  tapestry of my past

And take a peek outside

There are immense opportunities out there

Colours and experiences I can choose

Bringing my own touch to my design

Adding another layer by the very actions I take

Finishing touches deliberately imprinted by me

On this unique tapestry of my soul

I am content with what I see


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