Inspirational Snippet #20 – Kindness

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As uploaded daily to Like the page to subscribe.

There are declarations of love, words spoken, words whispered, words in a promise, words in a beautiful card, whether from a man to a woman, a woman to a man, a parent to a child, words between friends that sound so perfect, so thrilling, so emotionally satisfying because they centre around love and how valuable and precious the people in a relationship are to one another.

When it comes to practically backing up those beautiful words, many are found wanting. It is amazing how the greatest portrayals of love cannot be fully captured in words, or on any card.

They are seen through actions taken on behalf of others. They are seen by what we physically do for others, especially others more disadvantaged or more vulnerable than we are. Others who may never be able to pay us back. Greater love than this has no one, that a man, a woman, a boy, a girl will lay down their life for another.

Kindness shown through sacrifice often undeserved – that is the true measure of love, not just words, not even words spoken so passionately and powerfully.

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