So Free


I am what I choose to be
Whatever I will be that I am
Already existing
Yet to be manifested
It’s within my inner self
Waiting to be expressed
In a way you can see

‘Free’ – That is my favourite word
Means I am undefinable
I am free to be
I do not have to conform
Free from the mundane
From the reigning status quo

Free to love tea
And not coffee or latte
Free to walk with my shoe laces undone
Free to rock my unfashionable hairstyle
Free to write as my hands see fit

Free to be alone
If I so choose
Free to go unnoticed
And still be true to me
Free to be as loud or as quiet as I like
Just to be exactly what I am
With no apologies and no regrets
No need to impress anyone but myself

This is how I know I am truly free
I choose to see you for who you are
Its my choice to try the things I know you like
With no compulsion to become who you are
I can taste your latte and cappuccino
I can speak ‘posh’ if I so choose
Don’t let it fool you
It does not change me, no not really

I only do so to express
My sense of community
My sameness as you
To let you know
Its alright for you to be you
Unencumbered by life
Flying wild yet firmly grounded

I am the past, the present and the future
An antiquated yet current expression
It’s the power at work inside of me
It greater than what you can see
It created my format, I cannot deviate
It set me free, to experience all there is to me
There are many tomorrows
All embedded in the me you see today

My Genius is faintly disguised
In the ordinariness of me
The me expressed today
But still hidden from full view
Is the theme that runs though it all
It shows that I am uniquely me
Nothing can ever change that
When tomorrow arrives
I will still be me
That thought sets me free
Free to be whatever I will be


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