Inspirational Snippet #22 – Make A Move

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No one likes queues that seem to be going no way. We get all worked up if we find ourselves in one.
What is hard to immediately remember is that, our position in the queue is still ahead of the one who has not started their journey yet.
It is better to be in the slow lane in life than to be in no lane at all. We are always learning and growing because life is designed to be progressive but only if we apply ourselves and confront challenges and refuse to hide away or bury our heads in the sand like an Ostrich.
Life goes on whether you are aware of it or not, whether you engage with it or not. It is easy to focus on the many others that are ahead of you, to focus on how little time you have left, to focus on your limitations and the obstacles in your way. But remember, although it is overcrowded at the bottom of the road, there is still movement happening and sooner than later, if you persist, you will find yourself on a freeway, with less competition, with more choice of how fast you want to go. It’s better at the top. Join the traffic, keep inching forward, persist, get to the top! That is where you are destined to be


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