Dangerous Anger



Red boiling molten liquid

Searing the soft inner walls of one’s being

Billowing and raging

Like a storm in a teacup

Sooner than later

It will spew out

In ways that are most uncontrollable

Demeaning to one’s dignified self

When it boils over, no longer held in.


The beginnings of anger can be mistaken

Slight discomfort easily forgotten

Piled upon by many more of the same

Until the slow simmering reaches boiling point

No one can stop it’s race towards release

It goes faster and faster till one explodes

Or worse, one implode within

Destroying the very fabric of the soul


Take hold of it before it does you

Direct its path to a place of release

Express yourself while you still can

In a way that leaves you intact

Let anger out, let it escape

The four walls of your precious soul

If not you only do yourself much harm

Because it will eat away the good in you

Don’t hold it in, express yourself

Be in control and not controlled

By this king of emotions

Known to have brought down Kings

Don’t let yourself be victimised

By dangerous clamorous Anger


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