Doing My Very Best


Sometimes I simply fail

To appreciate the trail

I have travelled so far

Ardently pursuing the bar

From as young as I can remember

I was told to do my very best

Be good to your brother

Respect your parents

Do all your homework

Get the Chores done

Be quiet, don’t talk back

Be a lady, be courteous

Smile, don’t frown

Don’t be lazy

Be a good woman

Be a good wife

You can do better than that

The children need you

Be responsible

Take care of the house

Go to work

Get home early

What’s for dinner?

Do the laundry

Bedtime stories

Cuddles, hugs and kisses

Call the parents

Visit the parents

Rescue the homeless

Comfort the sorrowful

Give some wise words

The list never ends

I bet you have some more for me

Much more to add to these

But today, as I reflect

I give myself a pat

A big pat on the back

And say softly to myself

Girl, just look down the trail

This trail you have travelled

You have not only been good

You have done your best

In spite of all the tests

Dont wait for more lists

To check what else needs doing

These lists never end

Especially the ones you didn’t write

There are others in other spheres

Ready and willing

To tell you what is expected of you

Mostly what they dare not expect of themselves

Today I take a break

I survey the landscape of the past

And I say I have done my best

I do not say this lightly

I am my own worst taskmaster

But I am pleased with me

So today I crave your indulgence

Take a minute

To read my list

The one I have for you

It is just as long, as the one you have for me

And never ending too

But I won’t insist

On burdening you even further

You have done your best already

So take a break with me

Away from the unending expectations

Which we spend our days fulfilling

Constantly checking for the next

The next expectation on the list

Today, lets seek exemption

From people’s expectations

I can guarantee

That we will not get it

But lets take a break anyway.


12 thoughts on “Doing My Very Best”

    1. Awww Liz, I miss you too ! Now you know why I am missing in action. Busy busy busy, that’s the word that describes me best these days. But I will always make the time to pass through here once so often. Thank you so much for reblogging this. People who will otherwise not have seen it have. See you again …. soon ( virtually I mean).


    1. Hello Susan,

      Thanks for taking the journey with me. I certainly need a break…..I am thinking a week long getaway to a beautiful beach resort in the Bahamas. What do you think?


  1. Beautiful and so true. The list of expectations is never ending, yet it’s hard to get break time to be part of it. If it’s not though, then at some point the expectations will become too overwhelming. I’ve been learning this the hard way.


    1. Me too! Learning this lesson the hard way. We must learn to be pleased with the contributions we have made and take a break from unwarranted expectations. Thanks for the comment.


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