Dispel The Dark


Let the light in
Clear the cobwebs
In the recesses of your mind
Tweak the volume
Of the distracting sound
Don’t just make do
No. Don’t.
Trim the wick
Keep it guarded
Away from the strong wind
The winds of the night
Keep the new flame burning
Let it glow brighter and brighter
Open your eyes
Let the light shine
Let the warmth spread
Feel the shiver slide
Slide, slide away
Let the cold escape
Let the dark out
It’s a new day
Hold on to the light
Rekindle the fire
Roar awake
Now let the new day in
You are ready
For the greater light
Sunshine and Open Space
Daylight strong and new
You’ve waited for long
Embrace the light
It’s yours my darling.


4 thoughts on “Dispel The Dark”

  1. Read it backwards first time, hmmm, so did you I bet. There are only two lines that stop it being read both ways. Doesn’t alter the fact it’s a great piece of work.


    1. I did Laurie! …but decided not to change it. Still want to see what weird things my ‘subconscious’ can come up without my undue interference.

      Thanks for liking this one too.


      1. You’re welcome Selasie, your subconscious is doing a great job. ūüôā I love your work and as long as you’re putting them up I’ll come and read them.


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