Romancing the cold
The cold cold chill
Thawing the deep freeze
Rising from deep within
Unquenchable, unmistakeable

It’s a new kind of feeling
Yet not a feeling at all
Feelings are hard to control
This one is at my command
In the direst of times
I summon it to arise

From somewhere deep inside
No matter what the outside dictates
It rises and fills me up
It makes me unquestionably strong
You ask me what it is
It is joy unspeakable
Priceless pure joy
Such as the world cannot give.



8 thoughts on “Joy”

  1. Hi,
    Yes it is. That unspeakable, inexplainable joy that surpasses the understanding of every human mind and to know that it lives within me is a beautiful feeling.

    Love this one. Great job.



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