Salty tangy taste
Surprising my tongue
As it hit my mouth
Unannounced invasion
Tear drops like rain drops
Running down my face
A cascading waterfall
Released from the reservoir
Of my hitherto dry eyes
Propelled by the force
Of emotions so overwhelming
Now flooding my mouth

My head is still spinning
By the bluntness of the blow
The assault to my senses
Making me dizzy
Intoxicated with exhilaration
At the dawn of realisation
That you finally said the words
Words I thought I’d never hear
No, worse, words I thought I’d never believe
And now you’ve rocked my world
And I’m reeling
More shocked me
Not by the sound of the words
But by my heart’s reaction
I am reeling from the shock
That after all these years
Those words falling from your lips
Make sense to my old veteran heart

I can’t deny it
The evidence is crystal clear
It’s running down my face
A cascading waterfall
My makeup all ruined
With tears of joy
Tears now crystallising on my face
An unforgettable picture of lost decorum
I, one so prim and proper
Reduced to mush
As the sound of your words reverberates
Echoing on in my mind
Filling up my heart
With a peculiar kind of warmth
I cling on shamelessly
To the timbre of your voice
Taking up residence in my head
Those funny lovely dangerous silly three words
Crystallising in my heart


8 thoughts on “Crystallised”

  1. Hi Lady,
    This is beautiful and I love it. I believe that true soul mates that meet each other experience this kind of wonder. Thank you for putting it into words so eloquently.



    1. Hello Laurie,
      Been away from my blog for a while. Apologies for the late response. Now, what will be really great is for me to try writing my poems starting from the last line upwards. Not sure if I am up to that challenge yet. Will see.


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