Growing Old Gracefully


Advancing forcefully forward
The years have left their mark
A sprinkling of grey
On that bushy eyebrow
Left untamed by life

Life – now that is a different ball game
I heard a Sage once say
Forget the past
Let go, no regrets
Move on
Press forward
Achieve your goals
I have done so
In leaps and bounds
My life does make me proud

What the Sage forgot to say
Is that time and age does catch up with you
This mirror hanging on the wall
Has never really interested me
I whizzed by each day
Never saying hello
To the changing image
Of what remains when perpetual youth departs.

Life does insist we pause
So it can gloat at the effect it’s had
When we compare our present image
To what we thought will never fade
Youthful zest and vigour
Ego so full, irresistible vitality
Replaced with what we can only call ‘old’.

As I pause to take a glance
I am entranced by the image I see
Advancing forcefully forward
Does truly leave it’s mark
Not only in dreams and goals achieved
And many Accolades gathered
But also in tired lines,
Sculpted and etched on a once picture perfect face

Looking at my altered matured visage
And the sprinkling of grey in my moustache
It’s a peculiar, distinguished look
That tells the story of a life fully lived

I can’t decide which is more captivating
The present image or the past one
Untested youthfulness
Is gorgeous and intoxicating
But the grandeur of the aged
Is hidden behind wrinkles and a knowing look
Well worth it if embraced

I agree with what you say, Mirror
Life has made me a Sage too
Yes, I have truly advanced forcefully
In more ways than one
And the result is very captivating
But only to the well trained eye.


3 thoughts on “Growing Old Gracefully”

    1. Missed you too Laurie.

      Growing old disgracefully… Hmmm, I like that. Might write a poem with that title. I think you look great. ….peculiarly distinguished as only a well trained eye can see. You have very long to go yet. The ‘graceful’ part is yet to come.


      1. It would make a great poem 🙂 Why thank you, that pic was taken three years ago. I can do distinguished when I put my mind to it. I’ll do graceful when I can’t get out of bed. 😉


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