Thank You


Thank you
For slamming that door in my face
If not, I will have walked right through
To the life I thought I wanted

Thank you
For leaving me with no options
It meant I couldn’t go wrong
No matter how hard I tried

Thank you
For rejecting my plea
My Genuis did not please you
I had to look in another direction

Thank you
For making me feel so small
It made me see beyond myself
To find what was hidden from view

Thank you
You are the reason I found out
That strength comes out of brokenness
And beauty rises from the ashes

Thank you
You shattered my dreams
You woke me up from my slumber
You made reality my guide

Thank you
You are my angel in disguise
You opened the door to destiny
When you lit my passion to prove you wrong

Thank you
That from where I now stand
I can see your humanness
So I understand and I forgive

Thank you
You were the jail that set me free
The pain that brought me gain
The sorrow that became my winning song

A million times, Thank You!


5 thoughts on “Thank You”

  1. Oh that is great Selasie. It says it all about those who challenge us, and when we fight back and grow then we realise that without them we wouldn’t be the person we are today.


  2. Hi,
    i love this poem. I woke up this morning in a thankful but wistful mood. Reading this made me realize that the wistful mood is a cry of my heart.

    So I thank you, Lady.



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