Greatness Calling!!


Greatness stands alone in the streets
Calling out names before unheard
Bestowing crowns on those that dare
To walk towards its wide open arms

Before it sits a great abyss
A dark and seemingly endless pit
This pit swallows the unguided ones
Who stumble forward without counting the cost

Responding to Greatness takes great guts
Persevering against all odds
True and lasting greatness honours hard graft
It stands to salute only those who show it respect
Disregarding creed, race or age

Respect for Greatness can be seen
In the one that remains resolute in spite of spite
The one that clogs his ears and refuses to hide
And can unhear the resounding sound of fear
Who being afraid still march forward

They wear the shame of ridicule very well
Remaining undaunted by pointing fingers
To them, golden hands are not proffered
The lack of help on every side
Though keenly felt in this lonely pursuit
Does not deter them from Greatness’ call

Ahead they forge with no apology
The fire in their eyes undimmed by life
Greatness has called out their name just once
But once is enough to make convictions strong
They will take their place, no matter what the cost



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