Angel On My Wings


So they said; “we told you so
You cannot fly on broken wings”
I agree, I have tried but it seems I’m doomed to remain earthbound

So they said; “only angels dare
To ride the fair winds on high”
In invisible chariots not for mere mortals, with broken wings like yours

So I said; “I’m done, so done, I am”
No more will I try to rise above
The daily impasse of my human fears and frailties, the failures of my past

So I said; “I resign, I give up, I do”.
My tired arms too long held out
Have not embraced the warmth of dreams fulfilled, nor yet felt my due reward.

So I said; “that’s it! Trouble me not”
It’s impossible to be what I am not
So I built a prickly cocoon to rest within, but a hand begun to stir my lonely nest

So I said, to this unknown assailant
“Cant you see I’m perched precariously in midair
between my tumultuous past and a future I can’t access?”

So I said; “let me be as I am”.
This is as high as I could get when I tried to fly
Don’t re-awaken my impossible dreams, don’t trouble this midair nest of mine

Then I heard a voice say to my tired heart
“Try again, don’t give up yet, you belong much higher up
I’ll lend to you my angel wings, with your hand in mine, we’ll soar above”

Then they asked; “how did you make it?
How did you fly on broken wings?
How did you break through the barriers of the common plain?”

So I said; “can’t you see the hand in mine?”
There is an angel on my wings, who won’t let up
Until I’m high above pain and mediocrity, up where I truly belong

So I said; “Don’t you understand?”
This angel you cannot see, Is no different from you or I
When we each lend a hand to another, we become the angel on their broken wings.

Then they said; “we are no angels, you or us”
Yes I know we are mere mortals doing life,
but we transcend the ordinary when we become one another’s keeper

So I said; “can’t you see?”
Our broken wings begin to flap as heavens doors swings open
When it sees you and I reach out and soon the angels in us begin to fly again.

***We sometimes feel strange because we are not earthly beings having a human experience, we are heavenly beings in human form having an earthly experience to which we must brings more than our mere human capacities. Together, hand in hand, we can transcend the ordinary and rise above our limitations****


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