Unloving My Lethargy


Why do I strive
For what do I battle
Fighting against my will
Subjecting my resolve
To a battery of insanity
It’s not that I want to
It’s not that I have to

My willingness is still questionable
But my doing is absolute
This has been thrust on me
By fate, by time, by chance?
I awoke from a pleasant dream
I was dreaming my life away
Wasting precious time
An unconscious waiting game
Waiting for life to begin
Waiting for dreams to be fulfilled

Like the sharp piercing alarm
My ears heard the unmistakable sound
My internal whistle went off
The sound unmade my rest
I am driven to action to do
To undo my lack of doing

There’s a force within my being
It owns me and I surrender
In abandon to its dictates
I who was once undriven
Unmoved by the hurry of life
I who wondered when
My lethargy will be no more

Now I live, I breathe, I do
My DNA jolted and infused
Activated codes of Purpose
Now race uncoded within my being
I have been hit by a powerful bullet
It killed my luscious laxity
And left this plain awkwardness
Clearing my vision
Focusing my mind

Now so aware am I
Of this simple fact
That all I have ‘s today
So today to do I must
As my purpose dictates
With no apologies to my comfort
For I am driven from within
I cannot stop this race

It’s my time and I must run
I must knock, I must ask
I must seek until I find
That which my soul demands
Its work must be complete
And all I have ‘s Today
Tomorrow is unpromised
And my being knows it so well


3 thoughts on “Unloving My Lethargy”

    1. Yes we do, subconsciously telling ourselves the lie that we will take action tomorrow because today just isn’t convinient. I think its also a fear of failure which drains us of the will to do. I certainly struggle with that.


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