About Me

I am that girl………..

Who grew into a woman before I found the girl
Who juggled this and that, tried to make it all work
Who tried to be someone else and found they were all me
Who understands it hurts sometimes, somewhere so deep, no words exist

I seek to find………….

Those who like me looked for the light in the dark
Groping for the switch not realising it’s not on walls
Finally stopping and simply breathing
And discovering that the switch inside turned on
While they rested from all their toil.

Alone, discarded, misunderstood, abandoned, dying, hoping, yearning, seeking, healing, growing, reaching, looking for the switch, the light to shut out the dark.

Come along on the journey, lets tell the story of life as we know it, life as it changes us, as we grow and evolve into all we are destined to become. Take my hand…..

Let significance speak.