Sunshine Award

Thank you Subhan Zein for nominating me for this award. I am truly honoured especially as it is coming from a genuinely sincere writer as yourself. Subhan blogs at You will find very expressive writings with access to the general events occurring with Subhan and his students too – very interesting. It is a shame I can’t re- nominate Subhan for this award.

I have a number of blogs I like, many of whom I haven’t visited recently as I have been away but I trust that they are still as amazing as they were a few weeks ago. So my nominations for this award are;

Plantain periodicals who blogs at  – for young but eloquent and smart writings ( I am not certain but you may have had this award already).  – again for a young writer who is not afraid to sow his wild oats here and as his name suggests, he is honest with his writings and is a great encourager too.  – for undiluted poetic Christian sentiments.  – Gman’s galaxy; for taking me straight into another world so unlike mine and putting childlike sunshine into my smiles. – one blogger that consistently demonstrates selflessness and a love of community, spreading her special brand of sunshine with her along her way. Also a really good writer, one to learn a lot from.

Again, thanks to  for nominating me for this award.



‘BEAUTIFUL’ – a word that fills me with glee especially when it is associated with my writing and my blog. Thanks Liz for nominating me for this award. I have seen different awards on some really good blogs. To be honest I didn’t think I will be getting one anytime soon.

It was such a pleasant surprise to find that a writer I admire  and have become so attached to was the one who nominated me for this award. Liz Blackmore who blogs at has a beautiful and thoughtfully kind (without being patronising) approach which also comes across in her writing. You read her posts and comments and think wow! she ‘gets it’ which skill is what in my view infuses real character and life into one’s writing. Thanks Liz, It is an honour to accept this award.

Here goes my nominations for 7 other bloggers. It would have been really great to be allowed to nominate at least 20 people which seems to be the minimum number of favourites I seem to be coming up with. So these 7 are part of my 20 in no particular order. I hope I get other awards so I can nominate others on my list of 20 whose writings I thoroughly enjoy. – for honest heartfelt writing – for being able to shock me (in a good way) into wakefulness with her expressive writing. – for always providing a splash of pure colourful, no stress ‘girliness’. – for her inspiring and refreshing ‘say it as I see it’ kind of writing. – for making the subject of ‘Autism’ more humane and practical and engaging to read. – for being a breath of fresh, young and vibrant poetic air. – for fueling my dreams of travel and making hiking seem so attractive even to someone like me. Your photographs are so sharp and ‘artistic’ and beautifully simple and detailed. I love them.

My 8th nominee…… alright! I know I am not allowed….

Since I cannot put your lovely blogs on here, I simply hope that my continuous ‘following’ of your blogs is an indication of how awesome I think they are. Thank you all for sharing your blogging spaces and your precious writings with me and the rest of the blogging community. You all deserve awards.

If you seven nominees choose to accept this award, copy and paste the award icon to your blog, provide a link to the one who nominated you, then nominate seven blogs that you would like to recognize, and let them know that you have nominated them.

Once again thanks to Liz Blackmore of for nominating me for this award.